We Are Strong. We Are Beautiful.

Mirriors: “a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image.” Yet how often is that image so unclear? We can see ourselves in one reflection, only to see a completely different one later. Usually, it’s one of two ways. We see ourselves as beautiful or happy or interesting. Sometimes we just see our “flaws” or sadness or maybe even loneliness. Yet why should we allow that image of ourselves to become our only image? 

Since being back, even I have slipped into that image of myself at times. Before I left, I had a healthy diet, the right face treatments, I ran regularly. I was happy with my image. When I got back from Indiana however, I still ate the same way, I still exercise, but I started getting acne. People would comment things like “Wow, you had such clear skin before, what happened?” Now each time I’m not wearing make up, I look in the mirror and think those negative thoughts. I find myself tearing down my own image  without a second thought, and it’s not just my skin. Ever since I can remember I felt this constant need to lose weight and be skinnier, even when I was already underweight. I’ve been allowing others opinions of my body become my own once again. 

I need to remember that I am created just the way I was supposed to be. We all were. Each one of us is unique and intriguing and so precious. 

We should not let anyone change how we view ourselves into something negative and dishonest. Let us be the ones willing to remind others that they are worth so much more than they could ever know. Let our generation be the ones to bring back self-worth and acceptance of ourselves how we are. We are strong. We are beautiful. We don’t need a scale or chemicals or fake nails and hair to be worth something. Rather we should learn to fall back in love with ourselves as we are. 



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