Surrendering to Yourself

“Grab your old skateboard or guitar, pick up on writing a novel you started in college, go back to something you once loved but left. You too will feel as if you’ve unlocked a precious piece of yourself that got buried with time and responsibility.” 
 I think we sometimes forget our goals, dreams, or childhood hopes because we believe that as adults we have to set those aside in order to be seen as mature, or responsible, or wise. Yet, once we forget or don’t make time to have those passions and joys, I see people struggling to be happy with their life and becoming lost in the midst of everything. I know, because I did this exact thing. 

Yes, I’m still young and have my ‘inner child’ but it took me a long time to allow that childlike playful self out. Ive been told so many times that I have this older mindset, always so responsible, always so mature…but I forgot to have fun along the way.  

I took my own views and others views on being an ‘adult’ and became so focused on those attributes that I set aside my goals and passions. I stopped doing art, writing poetry, playing music, and making clothes. I lost focus on what I loved.

I believe setting aside a little time to return to our former loves, dreams, and passions, we will ultimately find ourselves again.


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